Grammar & Spelling

"...there is a component of skill in art making; you have to learn grammar before you learn how to write." - Chris Van Allsburg, author of Jumanji and The Polar Express

Exercise Your Grammar Muscles

You will have daily grammar lessons and coordinating homework assignments in your workbooks.

Grammar Text: Voyages in English 6

Grammar workbook: Exercises in English Level F

Exercises in English Interactive Review

Khan Academy - It's Not Just for Math Anymore

Additional grammar practice is also available on Khan Academy. You can watch tutorial videos and complete practice activities to improve your understanding of grammar rules and concepts.

Khan Academy Grammar

Practice Makes Perfect

Another great website for grammar practice is eflnet. This website is actually intended for English language learners, but it offers lessons and quizzes that can help anyone improve their grammar.


Helping Kids Become Better Spellers

Teacher Chad Manis's website, Daily Teaching Tools, has excellent resources for all subjects, but his spelling page is great! He suggests five different ways for you to study and practice your spelling words.

Daily Teaching Tools: Free Stuff to Help Kids Become Better Spellers

Spelling City

Enter your spelling words and then play games to help you study and practice. There is a free version, but parents can also purchase a premium membership that gives access to more tools and activities.

Spelling City